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Woods L15 Designers Edge L-15 Work Light Replacement T-3 Hard Case 500-Watt 6-Pack Clear Bulbs 6 Count - B00068FTL6

  • CONVENIENT protective case comes with (6) 500-watt halogen bulbs and is the ideal solution for contractors and electricians when it comes to halogen bulb storage

  • HEAVY DUTY: Features extra filament support and higher-grade filament material for longer life

  • HIGH IMPACT: Each bulb fits into a foam slot and is protected from impact, moisture and other debris by a heavy-duty plastic case ideal for halogen bulb storage

  • INCREASED BULB LIFE: Halogen bulbs are rated for 2,000-hours

  • REUSABLE CASE: Once you use all of your bulbs that come in your bulb buddy you can easy use it to store any of your other halogen light bulbs that measure anywhere from 3-Inches to 4-5/8-inches

  • Product Description

    Designers Edge L-15 Work Light Replacement T-3 Bulbs with Hard Case, 500-Watt, 6-Pack. Includes Bulb Buddy Case and (6) 500-Watt Halogen replacement Bulbs. 2000-hour rated life with filament support. The unbreakable plastic case is heavy duty. Foam inserts in the case protect each bulb individually. Halogen Bulbs have T-3 Shape, 4-5/8-inches long. Case fits bulbs of all sizes, Work Light bulbs typically come in 2 lengths(3-Inches or 4-5/8-inches). The bulb buddy is a patented / trademarked design to keep your replacement bulbs protected. Many people have trouble keeping their replacement bulbs protected during the life of the work light. The Bulb buddy is made of heavy duty plastic with foam inserts that protect bulb from damage.