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Z&HA Kotatsu Table 70.870.8in Kotatsu Futon Blanket 1 Piece Funto + 1 Piece Carpet Cotton Soft Quilt Suitable for Kotatsu Heating Table Provides You a warmful and Relaxing time - B09M3RR76L

  • Size: 70.8*70.8in Material: Corduroy, polyester fiber and coral fleece

  • Kotatsu Futon, This Kotatsu Futon Set is for Kotatsu Table

  • Kotatsu Futon, A kotatsu futon is a padded comforter that fits between the table base and a removable table top on a heated table called a "kotatsu."

  • Kotatsu Futon, The kotatsu futon is placed over the frame of the table like a bulky tablecloth, and the removable table top is positioned over that to hold it in place.

  • Kotatsu Futon, it is soft, warm, comfortable and skin-friendly. Use it for a long time to make your skin smooth and comfortable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will actively answer you.

  • family members gather around the Kotatsu to enjoy food, TV, games, and conversation, as well as warmth. During the winter, Kotatsu is often the center of life.
    This Futon Set is for 70.8*70.8in size Kotatsu Table.
    The futon included 2pcs/set,
    one for cover the table,the other one for floor,
    Not included the table and the heater,you can buy it seperately

    Main ingredients
    Futon: Corduroy
    Blanket: the main components are polyester fiber and coral fleece

    Futon: 70.8*70.8in
    Blanket: 70.8*70.8in

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